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Saffron From La Mancha Spain – Certification

From the land of “El Quijote” came the Best Saffron of the world; the UNIQUE with the Best fine warranty and NEVER MIXTURE or ADULTERATED with different saffrons with worst first-class.

In 2001 the European Union accepted the Protected Designation of Origin “Azafrán de La Mancha” (Saffron from La Mancha) which acknowledges and protects the excellent properties and fine of the saffron from this Spanish place as unique.

The Saffron from “La Mancha” is authorised for FDA guidelines.

The Certification Service of the Foundation Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin “Saffron of La Mancha” is the checking shape that ensures the beginning of the product, which has been produced in step with the requirements installed in the Quality Technical Specification. Its functioning is Kesar  governed through the Rule EN-45011 “General Criteria for certification our bodies working product certification”.

The Certification Service, thru its System of Certification, establishes the requirements that the providers of saffron (manufacturers or packers) interested by imparting saffron with the Denomination of Origin Saffron of La Mancha must fulfil, in addition to the certification process which ensures that the supplier is capable of manage the production procedure and the first-rate of the produced and packed saffron in addition to its origin (in the case of packers), with the goal that the certifications granted underneath this device have been absolutely valid and ideal, both at a nearby, countrywide, or even worldwide stage.

Studies in animal models and with cultured human malignant cellular strains have demonstrated antitumor and most cancers preventive sports of saffron and its principal elements, possible mechanisms for these activities are mentioned.

More direct evidence of anticancer effectiveness of saffron as chemopreventive agent may additionally come from trials that use actual reduction of most cancers incidence as the primary endpoint Conclusions: This paintings suggests that destiny re