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A Look At The Vivo Y72 5g And A Note On The Battery

The Vivo Y72 has been one of the most sought after mobiles by the youngsters. The phones come loaded with many features that help in making your day simple. Some of the important features that the phones have included –

Value For Money The manufacturers of this product vivo y72 5g have priced it reasonably. The phone has been discounted considerably from its original price of Rs 20,000. Moreover, the deal has been exclusive for first 1000 users. The company has marked the pricing of the smartphone with value for money meaning that the user will get a lot in exchange of buying the handset. The phone has been available for sale online and offline since July 15. The Vivo Y72 5G is also compatible with android version 4.4

Full Charge The manufacturers of the Vivo Y72 5G claim that the device comes with a quick charging feature that enables it to work efficiently even when the battery is not fully charged. The manufacturers have provided a charging stand for this handset that has a USB cable to connect it with computers and other USB powered devices. This further enables you to enjoy a fully charged handset.

Camera With a 16 mega pixel camera, the Vivo Y72 5G is given a good chance to capture memorable moments. The camera of the handset has a front flash so that it can be used effectively when you need to capture a picture in an emergency situation. This camera also has a great quality picture in the shot and also has an auto sound recording feature. The phone has a very sensitive camera as indicated by the test drive of the vivo y 72 5g. It also has a system for exchanging pictures online in a Facebook account.

Storage Performing the same task as the average cell phone, the video y 72 5g can also be used on a table or desk. In this situation, the memory capacity of this phone increases to 3 gigs instead of the usual 2 gigs. The increase in memory capacity means that the user will not face a problem of not having enough memory when they need to download something onto the phone. The battery capacity of the handset is also increased from the normal battery capacity of this device to give it an improved performance.

Battery While this is a review on the Vivo Y72 5g, it must also address the battery of this device. On the first impression, the battery of this phone appears to be similar to the battery of the iPhone in many aspects. It does not have any kind of rapid charge and this can be a disappointment to some users. However, this will be a problem for some users who prefer quick charging. This can also be solved by buying a case to cover the battery. When the battery is fully charged, users can enjoy long gaming sessions without worrying about the battery being dead.